India. Delhi “Chopin and chewing gum”.(One-Take Shoot Video)
Delhi, Main Bazar, India 2009

More than 3 minutes.

Chopin and chewing gum.(One-Take Video Shoot) from Anastasiya Kononenko on Vimeo.

You know, I have my company is cococinema entertainment:
I like to watch the most ordinary life to the music. And often it is Beethoven or Chopin. This is the best you can come up with for me. A cosmic harmony! ))
(Here’s an example: India of 2009.)

I’m sure that if tomorrow I will stand on the same spot (which I remember) – the same boy will chew the cud. Perhaps the same cud. )))
Is not it? …
(in the final of the pigeon shit on a rickshaw. )
barely found this piece, I thought long lost.)

“Goodbye Kathmandu”

… Few lines of good-bye. (singing - Yonzom)

St. Petersburg. Unreal.

This photographic film about friendship and the beautiful summer of 2010.
For a whole month together with Bigcrow, we rode by bicycles during the White Nights and filmed St. Petersburg. Unreal…
Bigcrow & Cococinema potography in the film included.

Agra. India.

This photographic film from day in Agra of 2009.
(music – David Bowie «The Wedding Song»)

Heaven. Earthy. Fragments. Photo-Exhibition. (Nepal)