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Ukraine. Photographer Igor Karpenko.

Congratulations friend – Photographer Igor Karpenko ! I am very pleased that the publication used Igor portrait, created by me in 2009 in the village Sushki (Ukraine). Photo is called “Guardian Angel”

GEO Russia 2013

Good news! My picture of Nepal published in GEO Russia. (August 2013 – №185) Непал, Долина Катманду, Киртипур, 25.10.2011 «Просеивающая рис» Снимок сделан в октябре 2011 года в тихом дворике небольшого города Киртипур (Долина Катманду, Непал) На снимке: Женщина, просеивающая рис после сбора урожая. Подобный сюжет можно найти в каждом небольшом поселении Непала или на окраинах [...]

Nepal. Bhaktapur. A Street Twist.

«A Street Twist» – children on the streets old city Bhaktapur (also Bhadgaon) in Nepal. Photo Published – Foto&Video magazine – 2012 On the shot: This shot was taken due to a chance as is often the case. One lovely morning I came out in the streets of  Bhaktapur to just take a walk and enjoy stories [...]

Nepal. The Bouddhanath Stupa.

2011 Nepal. The Bouddhanath Stupa with illumination at night in Kathmandu. photo of the day March 23, 2012


The first  magazine «Spice&Food»  by Eve Voevoda — ready! At No. the same way: Travel across India with Anastasia Kononenko «The Haldi colors of India» Free download  magazine on english «Spice&Food» Первый  журнал «Spice&Food» на русском языке от Eve Voevoda — готов! Скачать бесплатно русскую версию журнала «Spice&Food»

Bronze medal ISF

2009 India «Mumbai Girl» Second International Women’s photo-salon «Earth of Children 2011»  (Ukraine, Kiev) Anastasiya Kononenko — Bronze medal ISF Nomination «Portrait»

GEO Russia 2010

Red Sari (India, Rishikesh) published in the April edition Russian GEO Russia  (№ 157 p. 154)  This picture was taken in April 2010, in the city of Rishikesh (India)during Kumbh Mela – a big religious celebration that took place in Haridwar. Large numbers of pilgrims gathered there that time. Women-pilgrims change after the ritual bathing in [...]

Nastya and her India.

Maxim Reider, journalist, Tel-Aviv Nastya and her India See the big pages Artist Nastya Kononenko went to India because learned form her friends that it was most interesting there. While there she realized that she would come back, and that’s what she did. ‘I am in India because it feels peacefully here, this is one [...]